My Therapist told me to “write letters to the people I hate and then burn them”

I’ve done that,  just wondering does anyone know what I should do with the letters ....

About me

They say you should never go back to your first love but if that was motorcycles I say that is the exception.

They say never meet your heroes but I say if you have chosen them well, they won’t let you down if you are fortunate to one day meet them.

The most important thing that my 40 year career as a Commercial Insurance Broker has bought me is time, time to enjoy the fruits of my work including the ongoing motorcycle adventures throughout Europe and Asia. Time to give back to my life which has been very kind to me, by giving my time to two wonderful charities Community First Responders and Blood Bikes, and finally the time to appreciate all of the wonderful things that have happened to me in my life.


I have been inspired by five people in my life and now my ambitions are to inspire as many people as possible to follow their own dreams as I was inspired to follow my own. The people I have met through the places I have visited have shown me how colourful a world we share and if I have learned nothing else it is that the people with the least are invariably the most generous.

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Heulwen, Old Road Bwlchgwyn, Wrexham, LL115UG

Tel: 01978 758226

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